Available Services

Post-Op Therapy


Whether you have had a total hip or knee replacement, a hip or ankle fracture, physiotherapy will help you get back to your regular function.  We use a combination of hands on therapy, exercise and coaching through the various steps of recovery from injuries and / or  hospitalizations.  

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Activation and Exercise


Based on your goals, physiotherapists will work with you through progression of strength exercises, balance activities, and functional movements to help you to maximize your independence.  

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Physiotherapy for Chronic and Neurological Conditions


Our therapists have many years of experience working with people with neurological conditions.  Whether you have Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s, a history of a stroke or dementia, we have the experience to help.  Depending on your goals, we can provide ROM exercises, hands on therapy, neuromuscular therapy, gait training, balance activities and assist you to be more independent and active.

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